Rebel Chocolate


Chocolate. Chocolate that's better for you than the average bar. Chocolate that's better for you than the average bar AND tastes good!

This rare combination finally exists and it exists in the form of Rebel Chocolate. 


The chocolate has half the amount of sugar per bar compared to market leaders as well as boasting twice as much cocoa at 57% and 25% protein for actual nutritional enrichment - FROM CHOCOLATE! To top it off they're gluten and lactose free making them suitable for specific diatry needs.

We thought this all sounded too good to be true so gave four different flavours a try; you know for research purposes.

Belgian Milk Chocolate.

Hands down our favourite! The rich taste you'd expect from any Belgian chocolate hit us from the first bite with the perfect balance of bitterness coming through. 

White Chocolate.

We're not the biggest fans of white chocolate but this one wasn't half bad. Maybe it's the extra cocoa but it wasn't as sweet and sickly as some white chocolate can be.  

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Madagascan Single Estate Milk Chocolate.

The Madagascan chocolate is made from a rare cocoa and tastes a little different from your average milk chocolate. This almost has a fruity, tropical flavour with a hint of vanilla as an after taste. Like nothing we've ever tasted before but definitely delicious. 

Colombian Single Origin Milk Chocolate.

The Colombian chocolate is apparently popular with Belgian chocolate fans and we can absolutely see why, it's got a similar rich and robust flavour with slightly less bitterness you'd find with Belgian chocolate. Easily our second fave; incredibly moreish. 


You can get your hands on the miracle chocolate from their website or if you happen to live in Scotland you can find them in a variety of stores.

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